On The Road With Michael Pritchard – Standing Up, Not Standing By

Michael Pritchard speaks about Stepping Up To Bullying

Day two of our LA trip.  Today we went to La Pluma Elementary in La Mirada, CA., another wonderful school in the Norwalk-La Mirada district.  We showed Stepping On Up: Standing Up, Not Standing By to follow up on some of the lessons already being taught at the school.  A great discussions ensued about the need to be an Upstander, not a Bystander and stop bullies from hurting people.

Stories and wisdom from the day:

  • A girl who was a dead ringer for Little Miss Sunshine shared how her classmates called her fat and retarded.
  • A girl of Mexican descent couldn’t say what the students were calling her.  She just cried
  • A sixth grader related that in third grade she didn’t have very good clothes and the kids taunted her by asking, “Why are you wearing your pajamas?”  When asked, “How should we be treated?” “With respect and kindness.” “Why should we help others when they are treated badly?” “Because if you don’t you will have a hole in your heart. And if you do, it will be filled with happiness.”

 School Saying: Ohana
(Hawaiian for extended family)
No one left behind.  No one forgotten

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