Series Overview

  • Stepping On Up Video Series
    16 Lessons on 4 DVDs

    • Stepping Up to Bullying
    • Stepping Up to
      Cyber-Bullying & Web Safety
    • Stepping Up to Character
    • Stepping Up to Life Skills

What is Stepping On Up?

Stepping On Up with Michael Pritchard is a research-based video guidance series that empowers elementary students to stop bullying, build character and develop the social and emotional skills they need to become responsible, caring and successful in school. It contains 4 DVD programs each containing 4 lessons (16 lessons in all).

  • Research-Based Solutions
  • Positive Problem Solving
  • Valuable Life Skills

Created for grades K-6, the series prepares students for the rapid emotional and social changes that take place in elementary school and the preteen years and provides a comprehensive set of essential skills in the areas of:

  • Bullying prevention
  • Web safety
  • Cyber bullying
  • Character development
  • Life skills

Build More Caring Schools and Nurture Better Students

Stepping On Up is a unique and effective tool to reduce incidences of bullying, cyber bullying and help students navigate complicated emotional social issues so they can be more focused on school work and become better students and people.

Program 1 – Stepping Up to Bullying »
Program 2 – Stepping Up to Cyber Bulling & Web Safety »
Program 3 – Stepping Up to Character »
Program 4 – Stepping Up to Life Skills »

Each Stepping On Up DVD program includes:

  • 4 two-part lessons
  • Interactive group discussion
  • Online leaders guide
  • Activities

Stepping On Up showcases the talents of renowned youth counselor Michael Pritchard, utilizing his unique abilities to engaging young people through his warmhearted humor and insightful guidance.

The series follows the adventures of Zazi and Dieter, our charming and zany puppet character as they cope with the common challenges of preteen life and struggle to be the best people they can be. Be it choices about how to stop bullying, be safe on the Web, develop character, improve academic performance or relationships with parents and peers, our dynamic duo eventually open their hearts to Michael and, with the aid of his wise counsel, find caring and positive solutions to the issues they confront.

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