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Stepping On Up is designed for use in classrooms, community centers, youth organizations, camps, libraries, or with children at home. Our Leader’s Guides were written primarily with teachers in mind but can be used by any group leader, parent, guardian or concerned adult who wants to get the most out of the Stepping On Up – with Michael Pritchard series.

Download our Stepping On Up Leader Guides

Each guide covers all four lessons contained in the DVD program:

Stepping Up to Bullying Leader’s Guide (PDF) »
Stepping Up to Cyber Bullying & Web Safety Leader’s Guide (PDF) »
Stepping Up to Character Leader’s Guide (PDF) »
Stepping Up to Life Skills Leader’s Guide (PDF) »

PDF Downloads for Educators, Parents, Guardians and Care Givers

We are creating a supplementary library of helpful resources for teachers, parents, guardians, administrators, youth advocates, community leaders and other concerned adults. Here is the first installment of our free PDF Downloads:

Facts about Bullying and Cyber Bullying (PDF) »
SOU Guide to Bullying (PDF) »
SOU Guide to Cyber Bullying (PDF) »

For more information about bullying and cyber bullying statistics, check out http://www.bullyingstatistics.org

How to Use Stepping On Up

Peer education, rather than frontal teaching, is the technique that underlies the entire Stepping On Up series. Because we believe that young viewers will more easily learn the skills and attitudinal changes proposed if they are taught by their peers, each lesson is structured in a problem-solving format designed to spark student discussion in guided brainstorming sessions.

Before Viewing

  • Screen each lesson at least once, noting issues you’d like to highlight
  • Read through the Stepping On Up Leader Guides
  • Pose questions to your students to guide their viewing

To use these lessons as designed, please use the following approach:

  1. Introduce the lesson
  2. Present Act One
  3. Lead group discussion
  4. Present Act Two
  5. Extend the lesson through follow-up discussion and activities

For complete How To Use instructions, please see our Leader’s Guides above

Stepping On Up contains 16 lessons which present a comprehensive set of character and social-emotional skills which help reduce bullying and cyber-bullying.

Stepping On Up with Michael Pritchard is a multi-part series of four DVD programs designed to instill the necessary social and emotional skills to successfully navigate the challenges and changes of elementary school.

With well-developed social and emotional skills, students will be more aware of their feelings and more capable of managing them. They will be better able to set goals, make decisions, solve problems, and relate to other people effectively. In school, these skills can increase motivation, lessen anxiety, improve study skills, and boost academic achievement.

The overarching goal of Stepping On Up is to help students build character and develop the social and emotional skills they need to become responsible, caring, and successful people. The series covers a broad range of skills and attributes: self-knowledge, self-control, resiliency, empathy, problem solving, developing interpersonal relationships, building character, respect, responsibility, and working towards success. Each of these skills and attributes is an important component of social and emotional intelligence.

Each DVD program includes four lessons which present real-life problems in a warm-hearted skit performed by Michael Pritchard and our lovable puppet characters, Dieter and Zazi. Each lesson includes two video segments and the Leader’s Guide above that is designed to spark student discussion in guided brainstorming sessions. Used together, this three-part lesson will bring valuable new insights for educators and a powerful array of tools for guiding students through this challenging period of rapid change.

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