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  • Engage Michael Pritchard

    How to Bring Michael
    To Your School
    Or Community Organization

    "No one turns kids around like Michael Pritchard!"
    - CA superintendent

  • See Michael in Action!
    "Lessons From the Heart"

    Michael engages students in an elementary school, and at an Oakland high school reeling from a drive-by shooting at the school.

Michael Pritchard captivates and educates school audiences by giving students the tools and confidence they need to make positive changes for themselves, their family and their community. He offers presentations for faculty, administrators and parents and facilitates small breakout sessions for students or staff.

When you’ve seen a shy 8th grader stand up for her self-respect, and confront her entire school for the first time, you’ve seen the power of Pritchard’s gifts in action.

To book Michael for a speaking engagement, please contact his agent, Craig Jones:

Craig Jones
3145 Geary Blvd., #752
San Francisco, CA 94118
phone: 415-379-9308 fax: 415-387-3656

– or –


info@michaelpritchard.com – 888-69-(YOUTH) (888-669-6994)

Speaking Topics For Elementary, Middle and High School Students

  • Dealing with Bullies and Cyber-Bullies
  • Internet Safety
  • Instilling Good Character
  • Developing Positive Social Emotional Skills
  • Creating Inclusive and Caring Communities
  • Safe Schools
  • Respect and Responsibility
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Resiliency
  • Dealing with Disappointment
  • Bridging Racial Divides
  • Doing The Right Thing
  • Resisting Peer Pressure
  • Developing Positive Relationships,
    Being a Good Friend
  • Acting on Your Values
  • Self-Esteem
  • Coping with Pressures
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Communicating with Parents

Where in the world is Michael Pritchard?

Michael keeps a demanding schedule speaking at schools, community organizations, national conferences, corporate gatherings, and non-profit events. Please check out the calendar on his site to see his upcoming events.

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