Stepping Up to Life Skills

  • 4 Lessons to Build Life Skills

    • Controlling Your Anger
    • Resolving Conflicts Creatively
    • Learning to Bounce Back
    • Choosing to Do Your Best

Develop essential social-emotional skills! For grades K-6

Stepping Up To Life Skills, the fourth DVD program in the Stepping On Up series, instills the essential life skills needed for managing the social challenges and emotional turmoil of the elementary school years. It contains four lessons that present a comprehensive set of skills that are the cornerstone of social-emotional learning: impulse control, anger management, conflict resolutions, resiliency, self-knowledge and the desire to do your best

Lesson 1 – Controlling Your Anger

Controlling anger is one of the most difficult life skills to master, particularly when living with the hyped-up emotions of reality TV, raging internet posts, violent video games and mayhem-filled action movies. When Dieter realizes he lost control and hurt another player on the soccer field, he learns that he can manage his anger and develop a range of positive methods for self-control. The key social-emotional skills of self-monitoring, identification of triggers for anger, impulse control, stress reduction and calming methods are instilled.

Lesson 2 – Resolving Conflicts Creatively

The ability to resolve conflicts and get along with others is essential to a happy, successful life and this engaging program explores proven methods of conflict resolution with a humorous, entertaining touch. When Zazi and Dieter have to complete a high-stakes assignment, their different work styles create an uproarious conflict which can only be solved through a conflict resolution session with Michael. Our impetuous pair learns a variety of conflict resolution methods, including: taking turns, no name calling, expressing feelings positively, listening actively and being respectful.

Lesson 3 – Learning to Bounce Back

Resiliency is a critical life skill for all ages, but is particularly important during the elementary school years as students are increasingly exposed to life’s uncertainties. When Zazi suffers a life-changing injury she is overwhelmed by a loss of direction and paralyzing feelings of sadness. With the consistent and caring help of her pal Dieter and Michael’s wise counsel, Zazi finds ways to cope with her depression, express her feelings and rekindle her zest for life and the nurturing relationships which sustain her.

Lesson 4 – Choosing to Do Your Best

This capstone program explores the intellectual and emotional skills essential for doing your best and achieving success. When Dieter and Zazi face a challenging science test, they must decide between easy short cuts and working hard. With Michael’s help, they learn that they can manage their time, develop good study habits, apply themselves to difficult challenges and learn new material in exciting and fun ways. The dangers of cheating, the pleasure of project-based learning and the love of learning are also highlighted.

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