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  • This Month We Are Featuring:

    Dealing With Bullies Act One

    Sample Discussion Questions

Each month we will stream a complete segment from one of our lessons. This month we are featuring Dealing With Bullies, Act One from our Stepping Up to Bullying DVD. Next month we will feature Act Two of the same lesson. Below you will see some sample discussion questions for the program.

Sample Discussion Questions

  • What are some of the emotions Zazi might be feeling after she was bullied? What emotions do you think you might feel in that situation?
  • Zazi seems to be confused about what is happening to her until Dieter is able to name it as bullying. Why do you think it is important to name the problem when we are trying to figure something out? Has naming the problem ever helped you deal with a complicated situation?
  • Name the different things Penelope and her friends are doing to Zazi and why you think they are forms of bullying. Without using any names, tell us if you have seen bullying behavior like this take place in our school/community. How did it make you feel when you saw this happen? What did you do about it?
  • Let’s make a plan for Zazi: What are some things Zazi could do to make her situation better? What are some things she could do at the moment when she is confronted by the bullies? What are some things she could do afterwards to keep herself safer?

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