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About Heartland Media

Founded by Jim Watson, Ed Werz and Michael Pritchard, Heartland Media has been producing award-winning programs since 1996, including: LifeSteps, PeaceTalks and Saving Our Schools.

Since the beginning of their professional collaboration in 1986, Michael Pritchard and Jim Watson have hosted, produced and directed six award-winning Public Television series for youth. They are some of the most highly regarded, most popular and heavily used video curriculum in the nation’s schools, with over 500,000 copies in circulation. All have received widespread acclaim from the press, educators, students and parents.

“I cannot tell you how much your programs have meant to me… You have given me newfound faith in working with the youth of America. What you are doing really matters.” -Mathew Allard, Youth Counselor

“They should bottle you for future use.” -Mother of teens

“Michael Pritchard is a national treasure.” -Sam Blank, Dir., Conflict Resolution Programs, NYC Schools

Heartland Media programs have garnered over 100 major national awards, among them:

  • CINE Golden Eaglefrom The CINE Film and Video Competition
  • Golden Camera, Creative Excellence Award, US International Film and Video Festival
  • Gold Award from WorldFest: The Houston International Film Festival
  • Teachers’ Choice Award from Learning Magazine
  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation
  • Parent’s Guide Award
  • Platinum Aurora Award (Best of Show)
  • 1st Place, The Columbus International Film and Video Festival
  • Distinguished Achievement Awards, AEP
  • 1st Place Winner, Telly Awards



“LifeSteps is an invaluable addition to school-based curriculum supplementation and is ideal for use by community center social workers and youth counselors helping ‘at risk’ teenagers.” -Midwest Book Review

“These videos would make an excellent addition to any library YA collection. Teachers can use these powerful, insightful videos as discussion starters.” –School Library Journal

“No-nonsense program about choices, courage and intelligent decision-making. Honest, true-to-life stories with tough situations, rather than a bunch of platitudes about self-awareness. Recommended.”- Video Librarian


“PeaceTalks looks at the issues with both eyes open and no sugar coating…. Highly Recommended.” -Video Librarian

“Candid, sensitive counsel. It is ready-made for teen audiences.” -Booklist

Stepping On Up

Stepping On Up is currently being sent out for review and we will post them as soon as they come in.


“LifeSteps is a unique evidence based tool for those who wish to advance student’s character, resilience and emotional intelligence.” Maurice J. Elias PHD Rutgers University

“…Michael Pritchard and these videos provide an invaluable tool to all those wanting to help young people succeed academically as well as build self esteem…” -Franklin Schargel author, “Dropout Prevention Tools”